Gigabyte Previews New Intel-Based Motherboards For Gamers, Overclockers, and the Rest of Us

Gigabyte is obviously feeling bullish about the future of desktop PCs if the energy and resources that the company is putting into its upcoming line of motherboards is any indication. Earlier this week, Gigabyte previewed its boards for a few journalists and discussed a new million-dollar-plus lab that it built for the sole purpose of providing week-long burn-ins for its high-end Black Edition motherboards. Although we can’t give you details about supported CPUs and whatnot until further announcements are made, we’re able to share a few up-close and personal photos we shot of the boards.

First up is the Gigabyte G1 line, which is targeted at the gaming community. The new G1 branding includes a switch from green to red for heatsinks and the like.

Gigabyte's updated G1 gaming motherboard line in a CyberPower PC.
A CyberPower system sporting one of Gigabyte's G1 gamer-centric motherboards.
For the G1 line, red is the new green.

Obviously, we can’t talk about certain aspects of the boards just yet, but it’s worth mentioning some of the other integrated components, like the onboard Creative Sound Core3D audio processor and a USB 2.0 DAC-UP jack that has a dedicated power source for your USB headset to reduce the chance of electrical interference. Those features aren’t brand new, but audiophiles will be glad to know they’re on the G1s. What is new is that each board has a layout that is meant to separate analog and digital signaling to reduce interference. Also, expect to see Killer E2200 powered network ports on the G1s.

The G1 series motherboards will have plenty of overclocking features, but if you’re a more seasoned, hardcore overclocker, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the SOC (Super OverClock) boards. These boards were heavily influenced by pro overclockers like Hicookie and let you update and test overclock settings without rebooting, among many other OC-friendly features.

Gigabyte is touting the new red color scheme for its G1 series.

A G1 board with a heatsink that features the red eye, a major component of the new branding.

Obviously, Gigabyte’s Ultra Durable line will be getting an update, as well. The Black Edition Ultra Durables are the boards that will enjoy a week-long burn-in before heading out the door. The burn-in lab sounds pretty impressive. Gigabyte tells us the lab is running about 500 motherboards simultaneously each week right now, but will soon be running 3,000 motherboards at once.

Gigabyte's motherboard bread and butter, the Ultra Durable series enjoys an update.
The Gigabyte Ultra Durable series.

The Ultra Durable Black Edition boards are given 168-hour tests before leaving the factory.
Gigabyte will test its Black Edition motherboards for a week in a custom-built lab.

So, what are the boards doing all day long for a week? They’re running Litecoin, of course. Gigabyte is working on plans for what to do with the digital currency it will be racking up. By the sound of it, Black Edition customers will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the wealth, one way or another. We’ll keep you updated as we get more info and photos of the lab down the road.