Gigabyte Offers Peak Into “Black Edition” Motherboard Facility

We’ve had a few looks at Gigabyte’s Black Edition motherboards (including in our first Z97 roundup), and Gigabyte has posted a video showing off the manufacturing and testing facility in Taiwan where the boards are built.

Gigabyte Z97 Black Edition

Gigabyte’s Colin Brix hosts the video and notes that the company puts the Black Edition boards through a 168-hour (that’s one week) server test to ensure total stability. He says that the new facility is capable of testing thousands of motherboards at a time. (Fun fact: The systems are running Litecoin during that whole time.)

The Black Edition boards that pass the test are issued a certificate of validation--a token measure, it seems, but if you’ve ever spent a frustrating few days trying to troubleshoot a new system build only to discover that the board was shot from the get-go, you can appreciate the extra measure to ensure quality.

You can read up on the GA-Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI-BK here.