Gigabyte i-RAM Review

Gigabyte's i-RAM is a cool little device that utilizes 4GB of DDR RAM for data storage.  The unit occupies a PCI slot for power while connecting to a standard SATA connection for data transfer.  To prevent data loss, a battery backup is integrated into the design as well.  Hard drive Tach and SANDRA posted impressive scores, although it would have been interesting to see the effects of boot times with an OS installed to the memory.  This is definitely an interesting piece of hardware worth checking out.

"With the ability to hold up to 4gb in data using up to 4 sticks of standard DDR memory, the i-RAM plugs into a standard PCI slot and uses a Serial ATA interface to transfer data. But wait just a does the i-RAM overcome random access memory that dumps whatever is stored on it when the machine is powered down? With a battery backup of course!"