Gigabyte GeForce 7800 GTX, Philips ShoqBox, ECS PF88 and More!

VisionTek XTASY Theater 550Pro @ [H]ard|OCP:

"What really makes this chip unique is that it has a 12-bit video decoder. Most add-in-card solutions only offer a 10-bit video decode solution. The Theater 550 Pro itself can perform 60 billion operations per second meaning smooth video frame rates employing image quality features to clear up the image. Part of the 12-bit decoder is a high quality 2D comb filter that exceeds other filters by offering 5 lines instead of 3. The 2D comb filter is beneficial when your input source is of composite material such as a standard TV broadcast through the RCA (Yellow) connection. This higher quality filter on the Theater 550 Pro allows for more detail and brightness from your video input signal."

Gigabyte GeForce 7800 GTX Review @ Bjorn3D:

"By now, you've probably heard it a thousand times, but it deserves repeating. NVIDIA's 7800 GTX launch was not just a typical paper launch. A handful of companies had cards on the virtual shelves of e-tailers the day that the new card was announced. As a matter of fact, we even had a retail board for our preview article. Today, though, it's time to look at retail 7800 GTX offering from Gigabyte, a name I'm sure you all recognize."

CoolerMaster Aqua Trident & Aqua Turtle Waterblocks Review @

"The bottom of the block is coated with a gel thermal pad. This will help to form into the crevices on the bottom of hard drives and improve thermal conductivity between the copper block and the hard drive itself. Theoretically, it would be possible to replace this with a non-conductive thermal paste like Artic Alumina. However, as we will see during testing, the included thermal pad does a significant job of reducing hard drive temps as is, so Cooler Master have obviously done their homework on this one"

Philips ShoqBox PSS110 Portable Music System @ CoolTechZone:

"When it comes to consumer electronics, Philips is one of the top brands in the market. Even though the market is saturated with MP3 players of all kinds, there's an interesting notion behind Philips' ShoqBox PSS110 Portable Music System. The idea is that you can store all your music files on the player itself, but instead of listening to it via a pair of earphones, you can entertain yourself with its built-in speakers."

The ECS PF88: The Schizophrenic PC Motherboard @ FutureLooks:

"In the spring of 2005, EliteGroup Computer Systems Ltd. (ECS) sent word that they were completing work on releasing a motherboard that supported both the INTEL LGA775 platform and the AMD 939 platform. Able to support all current and future CPU's, the ECS PF88 was born to allow enthusiasts to easily change from the onboard INTEL platform to an AMD platform with just a simple addition of a piece of hardware that housed the AMD CPU on a daughterboard that plugs right into the existing board."

ECS 915P-A Motherboard Review @ Viperlair:

"This board has some very interesting things that someone upgrading from their older PIV or Athlon system and wants AGP and PCIe, DDR and DDR2. Overall this is a solid basic board for someone who doesn't overclock much, if at all."