Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI, XG Viper ATX Case, and more!

Hey folks, I'm here to drop off some more news before I hit the sack. If your just checking in for the first time today, make sure to check out Jeff's review of the Foxconn 925XE7AA-8EKRS2 i925XE Motherboard. Read on and enjoy!


"The GA-K8NXP-SLI oozes of being an enthusiast's motherboard, and it shows throughout, from the thoughtful packaging which doubles as a test bed for the board through to the comprehensive set of overclocking features available in the BIOS. Performance is also generally on a par with other nForce4 boards we've seen, and the whole system was rock-solid stable throughout. The appearance of Gigabyte initiatives such as DPS and Dual BIOS add to that feeling of powerful stability, even in a worst case scenario such as a BIOS failure or power surge."

Thermaltake's Silent 775 Heatsink @

"Today we take a look at one of the first aftermarket heatsink/fan combos available to cool Intel's Prescott CPU from Thermaltake, their Silent 775. To keep this beast quiet, Thermaltake has opted to use heatpipe technology along with their funneled 90x90x25mm fan that centralizes airflow and provides high air pressure and better cooling."

XG Viper ATX Case @ LAN Addict

"Overall, well, if you're TurboViper, you will love the design! I'm kinda impartial... I mean, it's cool, but overall a bit dorky. The sharp edges are a bit too much for me, too. But the case is solid as a rock and really performs well."

Logisys One For All VGA Cooler (CF206) @ Phoronix

"If you are overclocking, the stock cooling is in most cases inadequate. So what do you do? You install an after market cooling solution. One such example is the Logisys One for All Cooler. Let's explore this amazing piece of equipment closer in this review."

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