Gigabyte Factory Tour, Jetart JACSH1 VGA Cooler, and more!

Hey guys, how is everyone doing? The winter is still not over, and there's no better reminder than another cold. In between my schedule of cold medicine and sleep, I've come to bring you this afternoon's load of tech news. One item that caught my eye, is a Gigabyte Factory tour, which gives some good insight into the amount of work it takes to build and test a motherboard. Read on, and enjoy!

How Motherboards Are Made: A Gigabyte Factory Tour @ PCStats

"Without a doubt, motherboards are the most complex and essential part of the modern PC. With this in mind, it's surprising to learn the amount of work and machinery involved in manufacturing a single motherboard. As PCSTATS recent trip to Gigabyte's Nan-Ping factory in Taiwan showed us last summer during Computex 2004, there's a lot more to it. In fact, producing and testing a single motherboard involves a mind-boggling host of automated machines, people and processes..."

Maxxing The Mobility Radeon 9700 Guide Posted @ Rojak Pot

"Today, Adrian takes a look at how we can maximize the Mobility Radeon 9700's performance by overclocking! Let's see if we can turn the Mobility Radeon 9700 into a badder card than it already is! "

Jetart JACSH1 VGA Cooler @ Bjorn3D

"Most video cards today need additional cooling. The higher priced cards usually come with good cooling but many of the cheaper cards usually use a stock cooling device that neither is effective or silent. Today I am looking at an alternative VGA cooling device from Jetart, the JACSH1, which fits both NVIDIA and ATI video cards."

XpertVision GeForce 6200TC @ Phoronix

"Don't want to sell a kidney to afford a new graphics card? Then the XpertVision GeForce 6200 PCI Express with TurboCache is a card you may want to throw on your shopping list. It's fast, it's cheap, and it's incredibly small. With its PCI Express and TurboCache technology, it's sure to blow away all your current gaming blues!"

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