Gigabyte Aorus Unveils Futuristic 5G Modular Gaming PC Concept Called Project Cielo


OG gamers will remember the days of lugging their heavy gaming towers to LAN parties. Heck, some of you may still be doing that. Those days may finally be long gone with the announcement by Gigabyte and its concept portable gaming PC with integrated 5G connectivity, made by Aorus gaming division.

Gigabyte showcased Project Cielo by Aorus and its vision of what gaming PCs may look like in the future. The name Cielo is derived from its Spanish meaning of heaven, or infinite sky as Aorus terms it, and can be seen in its futuristic design. This design allows for various configurations to suit whatever need you may have at a given moment.

Gigabyte Aorus Project Cielo 5G Concept

As gaming PCs continue to rise in popularity, the uses for them does as well. Project Cielo would build upon the idea by delivering a PC that is not only gaming friendly, but home entertainment friendly as well.

Gigabyte Aorus Project Cielo 5G Concept

The modular design consists of three parts: the main system, the battery pack, and a Bluetooth speaker. So, whether you are in the mood for gaming, browsing HotHardware for the latest in tech news, or binge watching your favorite show, Project Cielo will have you covered without having to worry about if your monitor has speakers built in.


But what if you want to take your gaming experience with you? Well, that is where Project Ceilo shines the brightest perhaps. It will have an integrated 5G antenna which will be capable of providing that high-speed internet connection you need for all your favorite games. The antenna remains hidden on top of the main system until you raise its wings to take flight with lightning-fast integrated 5G internet on the go.

Gigabyte is betting on the future of 5G and how it will integrate with gaming by creating a seamless experience for gamers on the move. This makes for the possibility of a much lighter and portable gaming rig. As for those LAN parties? They would be replaced with your very own 5G network. Of course, some will be limited due to a lack of 5G where they live at the moment. But as 5G networks continue to expand and become faster, you may not have to wait long.

What do you think of Project Ceilo by Aorus? Are you excited for the future of gaming? Let us know down in the comments along with other possible innovations you are looking forward to.