Gigabyte Aorus 17X And 16X AI Gaming Laptops Pack Up To A 24-Core CPU And RTX 4090

If you're a mobile gamer and did not have much interest in the newest NVIDIA GeForce RTX Super lineup announced at CES 2024, there is still some novelty afoot in the laptop space. While it does not appear like we're getting any new mobile GeForce RTX GPUs, Gigabyte has refreshed it high-end gaming laptops with some AI built-in. 

Gigabyte's Aorus 17x and 16x models come packing Intel's high-end Core-i9 14900HX and up to a beefy GeForce RTX 4090 GPU. While this 175-watt mobile RTX 4090 is only like the discreet RTX 4090 in name only, it still provides exceedingly capable performance for laptops. As an owner of the current Gigabyte Aorus 17x, I've found it to be built well, and perform impressively both thermally and acoustically. 

aorus models

The GeForce RTX 4070 and above models are more than sufficient to power the QHD and WQXGA displays on these laptops, which have refresh rates going all the way to 240Hz. Gigabyte really makes the AI wording prominent in both the laptop name, as well as in its description of its specifications. 

To dive into what AI actually means on a gaming laptop, there are a few items to discuss. First, NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs themselves are chock full of AI goodness, such as the venerable DLSS 3. TensorRT is also a big boost for those using this laptop professionally, with large language models in mind. 

Furthermore, Gigabyte is utilizing what is calls AI Nexus Technology in its software that can intelligently control power management and performance profiles for the best experience. 


One of the crucial items of a gaming laptop in my own personal experience is the noise-to-performance ratio. Gigabyte has its WindForce Infinity cooling system with a vapor chamber, and four 12V fans. The chassis is fairly thin at 2.18cm, so it needs all of the cooling design Gigabyte can muster to keep thermals and acoustics in check. I'll be curious to see what the acoustics are like if/when we get one of these in for review.

Topping it all off are some Dolby Atmos capable speakers, making this thin design quite impressive for everything that is packed in. These new models are going up for pre-order, so they should be available for purchase soon.

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