Gigabyte 7800GT, Ergodex DX1, WD's Caviar RE2 and More!

Gigabyte 7800GT Review @

"Since ATI got their act together with the Radeon 9700 it has been a very tough battle between Nvidia and ATI over who lays claim to the fastest video card for computer gaming, a constant tug of war that never seems to end. Earlier in the summer Nvidia fought back big with their G70 GPU and the 7800GTX, a card with unparalleled performance across the board. However, with it came a very hefty $500 price tag that most gamers simply cannot afford to pay. At QuakeCon a few weeks ago Nvidia had an answer to this with their 7800GT, the sweet spot of mid-range it cuts the costs by $100 while still being powered by the same graphics processor as the 7800GTX. Today we look at Gigabyte's 7800GT video card, the GV-NX78T256V-B."

Ergodex DX1 Input System @ Bjorn3D:

"Q, W, E, R, T, Y. W, A, S, D. Ctrl, Alt, Delete. These familiar key-combinations have emerged from years and years of use of the common keyboard. Designed for efficient typing, the standard keyboard serves its purpose well. What the keyboard lacks is the ability to choose where YOU want to put YOUR keys to best suit YOUR hand size or key-placement needs. Alternate input devices have been around almost as long as the keyboard, allowing for a more customized setup, but none has been able to provide this like the Ergodex DX1 Input System."

Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod Review @ The TechZone:

"With the new Logitech Wireless Headphone for iPod you won't have to worry about tangles, snags or kinks. Now iPod lovers can free themselves from the cords tethering them to their iPod and receive quality music. With the Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod, iPod users can simply plug in the wireless adapter, set their iPod down, and move as far as 30 feet away - without ever missing a note."

Western Digital's Caviar RE2 hard drive @ The Tech Report:

"WESTERN DIGITAL'S RAPTOR hard drives are perfect examples of how enterprise-class hardware can become popular among PC enthusiasts. The drives are targeted at servers, workstations, and network attached storage devices, but that hasn't stopped droves of enthusiasts from popping them into desktop systems and gaming rigs that would look rather out of place in an enterprise environment."

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