Gigabyte 3D1, Satellite radio battle, and more!

Good evening everyone. Following Jeff's lead in bringing you something different, there's a review of Sirius Satellite Radio Vs XM Satellite Radio. Other items for your reading pleasure include the Enermax CS-718B Maxflow Case, Gigabyte 3D1, and Edirol FA-101FireWire Audio Interface. Read on, and enjoy!

Edirol FA-101FireWire Audio Interface Review @ XYZ Computing

"Edirol, a division of Roland, fine makers of professional audio and music equipment, with their FA-101 FireWire audio interface. In brief, the FA-101 is an outboard soundcard with 10 channels of both input and output. But the features run much deeper."

Enermax CS-718B Maxflow Case Review @ 3DXtreme

"We enjoyed reviewing this Case, some of the high points are the screwless drive rails, top USB ports, quiet 120 mm cooling, LCD with temperature and RPM readout and the overall classy, stylish look of this particular Case. Also, the included Enermax 465 Watt Power Supply that delivers as much power to each of the rails as any $100+ Power Supply Unit would. The only real downside to this Case is that not all Motherboards will work as advertised, you may not be able to mount the wind tunnel or may have issues with cable lengths."

Gigabyte 3D1 @

"Before I even touch on the real-world feasibility of the 3D1, I have to say this - The technology is cool. No matter how logically you try to look at it, the fact that you have a single video card with the power of two cores is simply drool-worthy, even more so when you imagine the potential of doing this with higher-end GPUs like the 6800GT or (heaven forbid, considering the cooling solution and power you'd require) Ultra..."

Sirius Satellite Radio Vs XM Satellite Radio @ The Tech Zone

"Just as many TV viewers have come to consider cable TV a life necessity, so too is satellite radio becoming a mainstream replacement for traditional AM/FM listening. Yes you have to pay for it, but just as with cable, you get way more channels and edgier, more innovative programming. Plus, you don't lose your favorite station as you travel across the state or country."