GF 6600GT and SLI, Sunbeamtech Case Accessories, and more!

Good afternoon ladies and gents. I've got some new hardware to play around with, and a few errands to run, so I'm going to get straight to the news. Enjoy!

Soltek Qbic EQ3901-300P Review @ AMDZone

"We are quite happy to have an Athlon 64 small form factor that can handle two hard drives and two optical drives. We are also impressed with the first 300 watt power supply we have seen in a SFF. Stability of the system was excellent, the price is agreeable, and the looks are pleasant."

GeForce 6600 GT and SLI @ LostCircuits

"From an SLI standpoint, the 6600GT is especially interesting since its single card performance - even though excellent for the price - offers enough headroom for improvement by doubling the resources. Therefore, the 6600 GT appears, in fact, a better candidate for SLI evaluation than its higher-end brethren, which may or may not run into system and CPU limitations before they can play out their full combined force."

Sunbeamtech Case Accessories @

"This is the only company we've seen so far that is totally dedicated in providing "geek" gear for case enthusiasts and modders. You'll be dazzled by the amount of innovation and effort spent on designing products to cater for every modders whim. Some might find other accessories as unnecessary, but for some, these products are almost a necessity."

Acer Ferrari 3200 and ASUS A4S00K: Let the Race Begin @ X-Bit Labs

"Today we would like to let you witness an exciting race between the two powerful mobile solutions from ASUS and Acer, which differ in their design, dimensions, weight and price, but have similar configurations. Find out which one is faster, and more attractive from the price-to-performance point of view from our new detailed coverage!"

SilenX IXtrema CPU Cooler Review @

"When it comes to building a silent PC, reducing the sound of the CPU cooler is a key step. SilenX steps up to bat with a silent CPU cooler which promises to run at less than 24dBA. Let's see how it stacks up..."

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