Get Your Hands On A Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 or Lumia 950 XL At Microsoft Device Night 2015

At a hardware event earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled its 2015 lineup of hardware products which included the Surface Pro 4, Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL and the all-new Microsoft Band. However, the “drop the mic” moment occurred when Panos Panay unveiled the Surface Book and eventually revealed that it’s a convertible Windows 10 device. 

Microsoft is trying to show that it’s not only a software company, but also a company that makes great computing hardware. And to showcase this talent, the company is holding a nationwide roadshow, which it is calling Device Night 2015. Device Night 2015 will take place in a number of large cities across the United States (including one event in Vancouver, Canada) like Boston, New York City, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Microsoft Surface Book
Microsoft Surface Book

All of the aforementioned Microsoft hardware products will be on display, and you’ll be able to chat with Microsoft experts about the products, and take part in live demos. And because Microsoft is a pleaser, it will provide free food and drinks for participants and there will be plenty of swag to go around — you can count on Ninja Cat making an appearance. Unfortunately, the free swag and prizes (which include a new Surface) will only be available to retail professionals. 

Here’s the full list of cities that are part of Microsoft Device Night 2015: 

  • Boston: October 19
  • San Francisco: October 19
  • Philadelphia: October 22
  • Washington, D.C.: October 26
  • Vancouver, Canada: October 28
  • Atlanta: October 29
  • Dallas: November 02
  • Toronto: November 04
  • San Diego: November 09
  • Los Angeles: November 11
  • New York: November 12
  • Seattle: November 16
  • Chicago: November 16

Device Night 2015 seems like a great opportunity to see what Microsoft has to offer with regards to Windows 10 computing, but it’s shame that the company won’t have HoloLens on display for participants. That would be a great way for Microsoft to spark interest for the Augmented and Mixed Reality platform. You can signup at the link below.