Get Ready For Faster Google Glass Updates Thanks To Android KitKat

Suddenly, Google Glass updates are coming hard and fast, and Google says that’s largely due to the Android KitKat update. The most recent updates include the ability to view SMS text messages via iOS devices on Glass and a new Calendar Glassware that offers increased functionality, but that’s just the beginning.

The KitKat update gives the specs better battery life and promises better reliability. Glass now has Photo Bundles which show your photos and videos from a given day clustered together for convenience, and you can now share photos in a Hangout.

Google Glass

Google has reorganized the list of voice commands, which it notes has gotten a bit long. Now, voice commands will be sorted “by recency and frequency” so you’ll see the most pertinent ones first.

It’s now easier to send feedback to Google regarding Glass, too—just tap the device info card in Settings and go to it.

Finally, due to low user use (somewhere near 10%) as a result of poor performance, Google is removing the ability to do video calls. They’re planning to reinstate it in the future, but the “when” is completely up in the air.
Look for more updates coming probably very soon.