German Amazon Employees Labor Union Demanding Strike Over Pay Rates And Conditions

Amazon was unable to live up to analysts’ expectations when it was revealed in its report, for the third quarter of 2014, that there was a net loss of $437 million. Now, it appears that the online retailer is not living up to its workers’ expectations in Germany who could be going on strike.

The labor union Verdi has asked that Amazon workers go on strike at five locations, in Germany, over the issue of pay and conditions. The union asked workers in Bad Hersfield, Leipzig, Graben, and Rheinberg to go on strike Monday through Wednesday while workers at Werne are to go on strike Monday and Tuesday.

Verdi argues that Amazon is not paying its 9,000 German employees, who should be considered mail order and retail employees, enough. Meanwhile, Amazon argues that it is paying wages that exceeds industry standards in Germany to its workers that the company classifies as logistics employees.

This is not the first time Verdi has called upon workers to strike in protest of better wagers. Back in December of last year, 1,115 workers went on strike over pay and conditions. However, previous strikes have been unable to sway Amazon's position on the matter and neither side appears to be backing down.

Do you think Amazon will eventually give in to Verdi's demands or will their be another holiday strike should this one fail to get any results for German workers?