Georgia Tech Researchers Develop Conversation Captioning App For Google Glass

Many of the apps we've seen released for Google Glass have aimed to help give you find relevant information faster, or simply make whatever it is you're doing easier. But a team at Georgia Tech have taken things a step beyond, and are showcasing an app that could dramatically help those who suffer from poor hearing: On-the-fly captioning.

In the YouTube video seen below, a professor and student are talking, and whenever the student speaks (into his Android phone), the professor's Glass automatically transcribes what was said into clear text. It doesn't take much imagination to understand just how useful, and perhaps even imperative, this could be.

Georgia Tech made this possible by working around the limitations of Glass' mic, and has also crafted an Android app that the other opposite person must speak into. As someone who uses Google's voice-to-text frequently, I'd say that it should come as no surprise that this technology has some serious potential.

Techology like this would have very limited use if supported only the English language, so the team is working to make sure that many others are supported as well. As it is today, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, and Russian are currently supported.

If you're a Glass owner and would like to give this tech a try, you're able to now (yes - this isn't just a tech demo!). You can refer to here and here for more information.