Gemini In Google Messages Expands To Most Android Phones, See If Yours Is Supported

Android dolls with Gemini logos on a pink background.
Google is making its Gemini in Google Messages available to any Android smartphone that features 6GB of RAM or higher. Initially, the feature was only available on Google Pixel devices and Samsung Galaxy phones, but the updated requirements should open it up to most Android handsets.

Earlier this year, Google announced its Gemini in Messages feature. The new feature allows users to access the Gemini AI chatbot from within the Messages app. Whether asking for help with writing a birthday message, or finding out the best route to send to a friend to get to a rendezvous point, Google says Gemini can help.

google gemini screens answer

So, how does one access the Gemini in Messages feature and interact with it? Google instructs doing the following:
  • On your Android phone, open Google Messages. 
  • Tap the chat with Gemini, or tap Start chat > Gemini. 
  • For the first time, follow any on-screen instructions. 
  • Enter your question or prompt. 
  • Optionally, to add a photo to your prompt, tap Show attach media screen. 
  • Tap send message.
Even though the feature is being rolled out to all Android owners who have a device with 6GB of RAM or more, it still only supports Gemini in English in 164 countries where Gemini in Messages is available, as well as French in Canada (not France as of yet). Google, however, says it is working hard to bring the feature in more languages and to places around the world.

It should be noted that chats with Gemini are not end-to-end encrypted. There is an option to give feedback to Google concerning answers given by Gemini. This is done by touching and holding the response you want to give feedback on, and then tap Good response, or Bad response. If someone needs to report a legal issue, touch and hold a response, and then tap More > Report legal issue.

Google points out that Gemini in Messages does not have access to anyone’s precise location. It uses the general area from the user’s IP address, or the home or work address in their Google Account to provide relevant responses.

Have any of you used Gemini in Messages yet? If not, do you plan on using it in the future? Let us know in the comments below.