Android Now Lets You Edit RCS Chats Just Like iMessage, Plus 6 More New Features

android update hero
Android users have several new features coming their way with the latest update. Google is bringing improvements to the messaging experience, hotspot management, Google Home intertactions, Wear OS integrations, and digital key functionality. The company says that these improvements are “designed to elevate your everyday.”

The changes coming to messaging are likely to have the biggest impact with the most users. When using Google Messages it will now be possible to edit RCS messages, although the edits need to happen within 15 minutes of message being sent. New Emoji Kitchen combos are being added, too, letting users combine two different emoji to create a new sticker that can be used while messaging.

Using a hotspot is about to become a lot easier with what the company is calling instant hotspot. Google says that with this new feature, Android tablets and Chromebooks will be able to connect “to your phone’s hotspot with one tap — without needing to go through the extra step of typing in your password.” This is a big quality of life improvement for users that are deep in the Android ecosystem.

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Google Home will be getting more accessible as well. Users will be able to place Favorites from within the app on their home screen, making it a cinch to manage smart devices. However, for now, anyone wanting to start using this new feature will need to sign up to be part of the Public Preview.

Wear OS is also getting improvements to better interact with smart devices. Users will be able to customize the face of their smartwatch by adding a Google Home Favorites tile. Moreover, users making payments with their smartwatch will now be able to use PayPal on Google Wallet, although it’s only available in the United States and Germany for now.

Lastly, more vehicles are getting compatibility with digital car keys. Select models from MINI, Mercedes-Benz, and Polestar will now be available. Users will be able lock and unlock their car, start it, and securely share keys with family and friends.

This is a solid set of updates Google is delivering to Android. Hopefully the Google Home upgrades make their way to the general user base sooner rather than later.