GeForce RTX 4090 With A Custom PCB Gets Overclocked To Insane 3.45GHz

Galax RTX 4090 overclocking hero
The Galax TecLab overclocking team have pushed the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 flagship to a record-breaking 3.45GHz. The team must be applauded for basing their world record on a ‘budget’ GeForce RTX 4090 board, as well as their success in completing a multitude of PCB mods which were instrumental in their extreme OC achievement.

Brazil-based TecLab are sponsored by Galax, but reports suggest they didn’t get a ‘golden sample’ of the RTX 4090, just a Galax SG (Serious Gaming) model from a line aimed at the ‘budget’ market. In the rush for overclocking gold, in the wake of the first Ada Lovelace architecture graphics card launch, TecLab team members were up all night modifying the graphics card PCB and liquid nitrogen cooling pot for their OC sessions.

getting the RTX 4090 ready for overclocking

Technical tweaks applied to the bare board included moving capacitors from one side of the PCB to another, removing a power limit controller, and the addition of a number of voltage probes. It seems to have been worth the effort, as the team boosted this former quad-fan air cooled board from a stock 3.075GHz maximum boost all the way up to 3.450GHz.

getting the RTX 4090 ready for an LN2 pot

The Brazilians claimed five world records thanks to the above described coming together of the latest NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU and the overclocking skills of team TecLab. In case you are interested, the supporting components on all the 3DMark and Unigine benchmark records consisted of an Intel Core i9-12900KS, DDR5-5400 memory, and a Corsair 1600W PSU. You can watch a video of TecLab’s antics here in Portuguese.

As VideoCardz notes, the above impressive overclocking and performance feats are still likely to be eclipsed soon. Even TecLab would probably admit there are many more experienced and successful OC teams around, and some will get access to hand-picked binned-for-performance GPUs on PCBs graced with the highest quality construction and components. Premium cards such as the Galax HOF series are likely contenders for better OC records, but there won’t be an EVGA K|NGP|N board this generation, though.