GeForce 7800 GT Roundup, Quakecon 2005, and more!

Hey folks, any of you get to see the meteor shower tonight? It wasn't exactly spectacular from my end of the world, but a few bright ones zoomed across the sky, just enough of them to make it worth the mosquito attacks. Anyway, Nvidia has released their new baby, the 7800 GT, and we've compiled a list of reviews. Enjoy the news, goodnight all.

GeForce 7800 GT Reviews:

Guide To Understanding and Creating Batch Files @ PCStats

"In this article PCSTATS will illustrate what batch files are good for and how to create them. By creating a useful series of batch files designed to allow you to selectively back up files from one location to another, we'll demonstrate the ways that batch files can make your computing life easier while you learn the various option involved in creating them."

Blue Tango Classic @ Viperlair

"First the theory behind this sound card is very interesting, that of wireless audio from a computer to a speaker system in another room. The downside to this is that it is a class II Bluetooth device, which suffers from short range for the signal, 12' isn't really that great for a wireless device."

Quakecon 2005 - Day 1 @ Bjorn3D

"Already several thousand people have packed themselves into what is basically a room the size of...oh....4 football fields. Monitors glow in every direction, and the gaming is in full effect. Oh yeah, and this lasts for the next three days too."

Hiper Type-R 480w & 580w Power Supplies @ OCIA | Image

"Four of these piggyback style extension cables are included. Hiper has taken modular PSU's one step farther as far as keeping a tidy case. I rather like this idea, more truth to the common phrase "only hook up the connections you'll use

Corsair PC2-6400 Memory Review @

"Corsair is known as the king of overclocking memory and their new PC2-6400 continues in that trend. Although the STD timings turned out not to be all too impressive, the ceiling of the memory in fact was, running at an impressive 875MHz."

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