GeForce 6 for AGP announcement, Catalyst 3.2-5.1 Roundup, and more!

Good evening folks, it's time for a little news. For those of you who are Counter-Strike: Source fans, Bots are now available! Just restart your Steam client to receive the update.

NVIDIA Delivers GeForce 6 Series for AGP-Based Systems

NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), today extended the world-renowned GeForce 6 Series architecture and performance into the value PC segment of AGP-based PCs with the introduction of the NVIDIA(R) GeForce™ 6200 AGP graphics processing unit (GPU). The GeForce 6200 GPUs offer best-in-class performance in the value segment by taking the GeForce 6 graphics architecture, which has been described as the most advanced in the world, top-to-bottom in the NVIDIA product line-up.

GeForce 6200 GPUs are the only graphics processors in the value segment that support Microsoft(R) DirectX(R) 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 which is being used to develop ultra-realistic, next-generation DirectX 9.0 games. Only NVIDIA GPUs offer NVIDIA UltraShadow™ II technology to deliver blazing speeds on next-generation, shadow-intensive games such as Doom 3. GeForce 6 Series of GPUs also feature NVIDIA PureVideo™, the industry's first GPU-based programmable video processing engine for stunning, high-definition video playback. Backed by the NVIDIA ForceWare™ software suite and Unified Driver Architecture (UDA), the GeForce 6200 GPUs ensure industry-renowned compatibility and reliability for a great user experience.

GeForce 6200 AGP GPUs are shipping now to NVIDIA partners, with GeForce 6200-based graphics boards expected from leading add-in card manufacturers in February.

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HIS Radeon X700Pro IceQ iTurbo Review @ Gamers Depot

"In short, the HIS Radeon X700 Pro IceQ is a mouthful but the gist of this card is that it represents the latest efforts by an add-in board partner of ATI to pave the way to faster performance – the heavy-duty cooling might at first seem overkill (and it is), but it sure goes a long way for allowing excellent overclocking by consumers."

Kingston 2 GB Data Traveler Elite Review @ Controlled-Insanity

"I am a computer professional by trade and there are just some tools in a technicians toolbox that are indispensable, this is one of those tools. I have used the Data Traveler for just about everything, but my favorite use is to deploy system images. This thing can pump a 2GB system image out in a blistering 1:24, yes you read that right, one minute and twenty four seconds."

ATi Catalyst 3.2 - 5.1 Driver Roundup @ 3DCenter

"We have finished our driver roundup on ATi's Catalyst drivers, including the driver versions from 3.2 up to the newest 5.1 (22 drivers in total). We used 18 benchmarks with 10 setting on each driver ... aka more than 3.000 benchmarks or more than 100.000 fps in total."

Ultra High Performance Memory Roundup A64 Socket 939 @ Madshrimps

"Socket 939 has established itself as THE gaming platform. To extract the utmost in performance from a 939 platform, some very good memory is needed. Today we are looking at 8 sets of memory modules which are based on Samsung's TCCD chips. As many know, the TCCD chips are fast becoming legendary for their ability to clock to crazy levels with modest or even low