Geekbench 3 is First Major Upgrade in Six Years, Now Available

Geekbench 3, the latest version of the multi-platform benchmarking tool and the first major upgrade in six years, is now available to download, developer Primate Labs announced. It includes 15 new benchmark tests designed to mimic real-world processor intensive tasks. A variety of tasks are included, such as encryption, image processing, signal processing, and physics simulation.

Primate Labs also brought over a dozen tests from Geekbench 2, though each one has been completely rewritten for the latest release. According to Primate Labs, the new versions offer a better representation of real-world applications and usage scenarios. Also new is the scoring system. Users will receive separate single-core and multi-core scores

Geekbench 3

"While multi-core performance is becoming more relevant as applications are rewritten to take advantage of multi-core processors, single-core performance is still a very important metric because every application benefits from great single-core performance," Primate Labs said. "With Geekbench 3, if you know your applications can't take advantage of the latest multi-core processors, you can use the new single-core scores to find the fastest machine for your tasks."

If you're an iOS users, you'll notice a different interface. Geekbench 3 sports a new look optimized for iOS 7 that matches the flat look of the UI.

Geekbench 3 is available now for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. If you purchase it before August 31st from the Primate Labs Store, the developer will shave $5 off a single-platform license, $10 off a cross-platform license, and $50 off a professional cross-platform license.