GeCube To Spread DX10 Joy To AGP Owners Everywhere

If you're still using an "older" computer with AGP and have been stressing out about DirectX 10 cards, worry no more mon ami! GeCube is planning to satisfy your lust for a new graphics card without the need of adding other costly components such as a new motherboard, CPU(s), and/or memory.

"We asked about the continuing contraction of the AGP market, but were told that the demand for AGP is still very strong. In fact, AGP accounts for the lion's share of some markets. So for those users that want a AGP perfromance (sic) part this company will offer DirectX 10 boards based on RV610 and RV630. In fact, there will even be an overclocked version of the RV630XT, which could even end up cooled by a combined heat-pipe peltier (sic) cooler. "


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