Gears of War 4 Title Update 2 Adds Glory And Speyer Maps, Bug Fixes For Xbox One And Windows 10

The Coalition has finished work on a new patch (Title Update 2) for Gear of War 4 that makes available two new maps, Glory and Speyer, for Season Pass owners. Both maps will be available in public playlists for everyone, along with Private Matches for Season Pass holders starting December 13. When they arrive, Gridlock and Relic will be rotated out.

Fallout has also been removed from Competitive Play, a decision that brings the playlists in line with the official Pro Circuit settings. Since all of these maps are from the original 10 that shipped with Gears of War 4, they'll still be available to play in Private Match for all players.

Glory and Speyer

The patch also introduces balance changes to Horde mode's mountable turrets. After applying the patch, the turrets will be less accurate, do less damage, and have lower maximum ammo reserves. Players using turrets will receive less damage mitigation. In addition, Level 4 turrets have reduced health.

"Mounted turrets are designed to be powerful fortifications that need to be used sparingly to deal with tougher enemies or a large wave of opponents storming your base. After observing how players are playing Horde in the wild, we wanted to tune the mounted turrets to be a little less powerful to reduce the viability of only using turrets and barriers on tougher difficulties—while retaining the Mounted Turret’s role as important powerful part of your defenses," The Coalition said.

Finally, the roughly 6GB patch contains a wealth of bug fixes and general improvements for both Xbox One and Windows 10 players, such as no longer spawning facing the wrong direction at the start of a round. It's a rather long list—hit the source link and get ready to give your scroll wheel a workout.