Gearbox’s Battleborn Multiplayer Goes Free-To-Play On PC, Xbox One And PS4


When word spread last September that Battleborn would go the free-to-play route, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford fired up his Twitter account and cast a wet blanket on the rumors, calling them "reckless" and downright "false." Well, fast forward not quite a year later and Battleborn is now free to experience, at least partially.

Gearbox announced that effective immediately gamers can download a free trial of Battleborn and play unlimited competitive multiplayer. There are no time limits in the free trial, nor are there level caps to worry about. Furthermore, the trial includes access to all of the multiplayer game modes and maps, and all 30 heroes through weekly rotations of six.

"Progress with each hero and player account progression is also permanent, so when the same character comes back around players can pick them up where they left off," Gearbox explained in a blog post.

Players who already purchased and played the retail version of Battleborn prior to the free trial have been granted "Founder Status," which entails bonus content and a special Founders title. These players will receive Legendary Gear, 1,000 Platinum, 50,000 credits, loot packs, and more.

The free trial does not include access to the game's cooperative story missions. To access story content, free trial players will have to upgrade to the full game. Otherwise, gamers can purchase in-game items and boosters separately through the in-game store.

Depending on your platform for choice, you can access the free trial by visiting the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and/or the Steam Store.