GD Visits AGEIA Headquarters

Gamers Depot recently made the trip to see AEGIA's corporate headquarters in St. Louis, MO and has posted a brief article outlining his trip. In the coming months, it will certainly be interesting to see how much traction AEGIA can get with developers to have them design titles around this new technology. We've heard some compelling reasons for and against dedicated PPU's and are anxious to see how the market will react. One thing is certain, we are all less than thrilled at the idea of having to buy yet another multiple hundred-collar component to enjoy the latest and greatest games.

We're happy to report that the PPU's have been completed for quite some time and in fact AGEIA has an entire warehouse full waiting to be slapped onto cards at a moments notice once the content starts coming out. The reason for not actually having the cards made at this time? Because memory prices always fluxuate and it's a better idea to build the cards when needed to potentially save some money.
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