Gateway's Roided Desktops Pumped Up By AMD

Gateway's newest and most powerful gaming and media desktops were introduced yesterday. The GM 5664 and the GT5662 use AMD Phenom quad core processors, and have DirectX 10 supported ATI Radeon DH 2400XT graphics cards with 256 MB of on-board memory and HDMI output. And since we haven't made up our minds about HD DVD or Blu-ray yet, neither has Gateway -- the GM 5664 will play both formats.

 With the ability to watch live TV and breeze through the most intense media demands, the Gateway® GM Series of PCs are ideal entertainment supercenters. The ultimate PC for media-hungry users, they feature the high-performance horse power needed for playing the latest games and blazing through processor-intensive programs.

Gateway’s newest addition to the line, the GM5664 desktop, is ideal for those interested in extreme gaming, digital photo and video editing, watching TV or movies and storing a massive media library.

The new Hybrid-SuperMulti drive lets customers watch both Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs, and features burning capability on any type of DVD or CD disc. Rounding out this media supercenter is an integrated TV tuner with remote control, so consumers can watch, pause and record their favorite live programming.

The GM5664 has a terabyte of storage and goes for $1150 ; the slightly less powerful GT5662 with a 500GB HD and a conventional DVD R/RW drive instead of the hybrid player goes for $750.