Garmin Forerunner Smart Watch Black Friday Deals Run Wild At Up To 40% Off

garmin forerunner sport smart watch deals black friday
Smart watches are a great gift idea, especially for those in our lives who love tracking their workouts and checking out notifications from their phones without picking up the ol' glass slab. Garmin makes a pretty wide array of smart watches, and right now those devices have some killer deals going on Amazon. Let's check them out.

At the top of Garmin's lineup sits the Forerunner 935. This watch features a GPS, barometer to track elevation changes, heart rate monitor, and a whole lot more. Garmin also claims some pretty lofty battery life statistics, including 24 hours with the GPS running or 50 hours in its UltraTrac fitness mode. Garmin's software also watches workouts and lets you know if you're overdoing it or not going hard enough, and plenty of customization options. Garmin's app syncs with the Forerunner 935 to store health data on iOS and Android, and also shows notifications on the watch face. On Amazon right now, you can get the Forerunner 935 for $296, a full $203 off the retail price.
garmin forerunner 935 tri bundle

The Forerunner 935 Tri-Pack is built for triathletes who need to track a variety of workout routines. The Tri-Pack includes a chest-mounted HRM-Tri heart rate monitor for cycling and running and a HRM-Swim that works in the water. Combined, the two extra monitors retail for $229. However, on Amazon for just $100 more than the Forerunner 935 all by itself, turn that into a Forerunner 935 Tri-pack for $399That equates to $250 off the retail price, which is a good deal for those who need to track a workout routine. 

Down the line, we find the Forerunner 645 Music, which stores upwards of 500 songs on the device and connects to Bluetooth earphones for music playback. That allows runners to go out without having to bring their phone along to stream tunes and get psyched. This watch can sync with the aforementioned HRM Tri or HRM Swim to keep track of workouts, as well. It has a 1.2" circular display and comes with one of a variety of colored bands. Both iOS and Android are supported with the Garmin app as well. Right now the Forerunner 645 Music is $278
garmin forerunner 635
Last but certainly not least is the Forerunner 45 running watch. This is a no-frills smart watch with heart rate and stress monitoring, notifications served up via the Android and iOS apps, and a GPS for tracking workouts. It's also the lowest-cost Garmin smartwatch when it's not on sale. However, today it's on sale for $35 off its normal $199 retail price. Pick it up on Amazon for just $164.98

Black Friday is still a week away but of course the deals just love to ignore the calendar. We've always got our finger on the pulse of savings, and we'll keep you updated when devices are just too good to pass up.