Gaming Monitor Deals Deliver Big Savings Up To 26 Percent Off Alienware, Samsung And More

Sceptre 35-Inch Curved UltraWide Monitor
Kids these days have no idea of the struggle of trying to lug a large, unwieldy, and heavy CRT monitor up a flight of steps, or choosing from an extremely limited range of options. And that's how it should be. These days, selecting a monitor for gaming (or any task, really) is a much more enjoyable experience with an expansive field of models to choose from. We've rounded up some that caught our eye and that are on sale right now.

One of them is the Sceptre 35-inch ultrawide shown above. It's marked down to $349.99 at Amazon (save $79.18) and offers some decent bang for the buck. For one, it's a physically big and long monitor. It also features a 3440x1440 resolution (21:9 aspect ratio) to make good use of that ultrawide real-estate, it has a 100Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, and it supports AMD's FreeSync technology.

There's also some LED bling, if that matters to you. Colorful LEDs on the rear offer up some illumination. That's also where you'll find the connectivity options, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and 3.5mm audio-out.

Here are a couple of other Sceptre models that are on sale...
Note that the 25-inch model is a flat screen (read: not curved). Otherwise, they're very similar to one another, at least in regards to the core specifications.

High Refresh Rate Monitor Deals On AOC, Samsung And More

One of the bigger discounts applies to the Alienware AW2521H that's on sale for $463.65 at Amazon (save $164.24). As the model name implies, this is a 24.5-inch monitor, so it's not a massively big display by any stretch. It also doesn't fall into the ultrawide category. However, it does boast an incredibly high refresh rate at 360Hz and a low 1ms response time.

Paired with its native 1080p resolution, this is an IPS monitor purpose-built for competitive gaming. Less demanding esport titles are all about speed, and this delivers it. It's also certified G-Sync Compatible. Customizable lighting is part of the package too, as is a decent selection of ports.

If you're looking for something that costs a big less and is also a bigger monitor, check out Samsung's 32-inch Odyssey G5 that's on sale for $329.99 at Amazon (save $20). This one features a 2560x1440 resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time all wrapped in a curved panel.

It checks a few other boxes too, including FreeSync Premium, which means it supports HDR visuals (HDR10). That latter bit is more of a bullet point for bragging rights though, as the brightness level peaks at around 300 nits. That's okay, it's just not going to do HDR content justice like monitors with eye-searing brightness levels do (within the LCD space).

Still, it's a good monitor overall.

Here are some other options...
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