GameStop's First PS5 Restock Of 2022 Is Coming But Only For Buyers Who Do This

Sony PlayStation 5 Retail Package
Towards the end of last year, GameStop came through with a few PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X restocks, including one on Christmas Eve. Those were all in-store events. Now that we are in a brand new year, GameStop is keeping the good times rolling with yet another restock that will potentially delight buyers who are still trying to score a PS5.

As with the most recent ones, this is another in-store affair. Meaning you'll have to march into a local GameStop location and buy it there, as opposed to making a purchase online for delivery or in-store pickup. And this time around, there does not appear to be a list of participating locations (which may or may not work to your advantage).

There are a couple other caveats. One is that you need to be a PowerUp Rewards Pro Member. It's not terribly expensive at $14.99 per year and it comes with various benefits (including a Game Informer subscription), but it's a cost to factor into a chance to buy a PS5—you're still not guaranteed to get one, as quantities will be limited.

The other caveat is that GameStop will be selling PS5 bundles, not the console by itself. It looks like both the Blu-ray and disc-less editions will be offered, but be aware that you'll be shelling out for extras. That probably means an additional controller and a game or two. Some of GameStop's past bundles have also crammed a store gift card into the mix, bringing the tally up to around $800 for the Blu-ray model.

GameStop will offer the PS5 bundles on Friday, January 14, presumably right when the stores open (check your local location for hours of operation). Good luck!