GameStop's PlayStation 5 Restock Could Be Your Last Chance To Score One This Year

Sony PlayStation 5
Time is running out to snatch up a PlayStation 5 console before the end of the year, as 2022 is breathing heavily down our necks at this point. Getting one before the calendar flips over to a new year is an arbitrary goal, though if that is what you are trying to do, hitting up your local GameStop might be your best and last shot.

Like the Xbox Series X, the PS5 is extremely difficult to find in stock, with restock events typically lasting a few nanoseconds. On Christmas Eve, GameStop announced that select stores would have Xbox Series X consoles available, with hundreds of stores across the US participating in the event. Now it's serving up PS5 bundles.

"PS5 bundles will be in select stores 12/30/21. Visit your local GameStop for a chance to get one in person. Must be a PowerUp Rewards Pro Member, quantities will be limited," GameStop states on its website.

Before you actually head out to your local GameStop, you should check out the list of participating locations. Once again, we're looking at a whole bunch of stores across the country, though not every single one. You could also try calling your local GameStop, especially if it's an inconvenience to get out there.

Also keep in mind that GameStop is specifically reference bundles. It's not clear what these consist of, but be prepared to spend more than what you would on the console alone. Potentially much more—some of the past bundles have sold for $700 and $800.

If you miss out, perhaps you will have better luck in 2022. The PS5 and Xbox Series X have both been on the market for a over a year now. While scalpers aren't going anywhere, as time goes on, competition from people wanting a console for themselves should, in theory, start to ease. We'll see.