Gamers Annoyed With Blu-ray?

Sony took a gamble with using Blu-ray as the Playstation 3's primary format, and at the moment, it doesn't seem to be paying off. Research group Cymfony surveyed 18,000 posts on blogs, discussion forums, and review sites, and found that a large number of folks aren't to happy about the new format being force upon them. A spokesman for the Blu-ray Disc Association sees things differently however, citing the Playstation 2 as proof that Sony understands how to push a new media format.

""Negative Blu-ray conversation indicated a lack of consumer trust in Sony, as well as gamer displeasure with selling Blu-ray in association with PlayStation 3," said Jim Nail, a spokesman for Cymfony. Hollywood studios and consumer electronics makers are hoping that high-definition DVDs, with better picture quality and interactive features, will reignite the slowing market for DVD sales. But the format war, technical issues, and the advent of digital video-on-demand services are creating hurdles for the new DVDs and players."
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