Game Over Man! Microsoft's Xbox One Returns To $400 Next Week

The year is almost over and so, too, is the holiday season. So Microsoft is reminding everyone that the Xbox One’s sale, which saw a $50 reduction in the overall price, will end soon. Consumers wishing to purchase the console for $349 will have until Saturday, January 3 to do so.

But for the final week of the sale, before the console returns to its $400 price tag, Microsoft has announced that several participating retailers in the US will also offer exclusive online-only deals until January 3. Consumers who purchase online from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Target will receive $50 off of the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity bundle, or the bundle with the Kinect, and also get a free $50 gift card. Other offers from retailers eschew the free gift card but instead offers a free Xbox One controller or Xbox One game depending on where consumers decide to make their purchase.
Xbox one system

Back in 
November, Microsoft announced a $50 holiday price cut for its Xbox One console, which has been behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 in terms of global sales. The $50 off promotion applied to both the Xbox One console and bundles, making it a great deal for those wishing to procure a current-gen system for themselves or as a Christmas gift.

The aggressive price strategy from Microsoft has paid off as, for the first time this year, Xbox One unit sales surpassed the PlayStation 4 for the month of 

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