Galaxy Z Flip 5 Mockup Highlights A Huge Cover Screen Upgrade On Samsung's Next Foldable

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Motorola had better watch out if the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5's purported giant cover screen is real. Going big may finally bring greater convenience and power savings directly on the outer display than before.

As foldables become more mainstream (again), the need to innovate and one-up the competition is a given. We've seen display creases get smaller, as well as battery endurance improve (long a sore spot of recent flippables). Another place where the competition is really heating up is the size of the cover display.

(Image source: SuperLoader via Twitter)

Outer display sizes have grown steadily over the years. We first had Motorola's 2022 Razr lead the pack with its useful 2.7" display, then followed by Oppo's Find N2 Flip with its 382 x 720 pixels (3.25") unit. This year's Razr may even go further with a near-full cover display somewhere in the 3 to 4" realm. Lending to the credibility of the Motorola leak somewhat is this new rumor by SuperRoader, a leakster who confirms that the Galaxy Z Flip 5 will have similar near-full cover display, saying "This is real 200000%". This might prove that Samsung doesn't want to get left behind and preferably take the lead here, especially if it can bump up the functionality of the display compared to current Flip models.

(Image source: SuperLoader via Twitter)

The mockup shows the surface area of the bigger display, with the bottom of the display (top-right in the mockup, next to cameras) notched possibly for controls.  Presently, the cover display on the Flip 4 can be used as a vlogger/selfie-friendly view finder for composing shots with the main cameras. However, beyond that, the display serves more like a large Samsung Galaxy Watch notification display where users can only check and swipe away messages or emails notifications. The 2021 Motorola Razr and subsequent competitors have had way more versatile outer displays, mimicking the abilities of main phone displays.

Samsung had mentioned that the cover display was intentionally minimalist on its previous Flip phones to give users a chance to take digital breaks and reduce the number of times they flip open their phones. It's actually a great idea, although it's understandable if Samsung enlarges the outer display to stay competitive. Sometimes yielding to consumer preferences is wiser than holding to ideals.