Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Breaks Free In Official Images, Magnetic Stylus Confirmed

The Galaxy Tab S6 is the latest tablet to come from Samsung to take on the Apple iPad, and we caught a glimpse at some leaked images earlier this month. That leak didn't offer images that were particularly clear or nice to look at. This time around, the Galaxy Tab S6 has leaked in what appear to be official photos.

galaxy tab s6 3

While the Galaxy Tab S6 still isn't officially confirmed, leaks have given us nearly all of the details we could want. As of now, the official name hasn't been confirmed, but the tablet is expected to skip the Galaxy Tab S5 moniker, which would be next sequentially, to avoid confusion with the Galaxy Tab S5e that launched recently. One of the leaked renderings shows the tablet paired with a keyboard accessory, and looking very much like a Surface Pro device.

galaxy tab s6 1

The leaked renders confirm that the groove on the back of the tablet is in fact for an S Pen stylus that sits in the little cutout magnetically. Rumors suggest that the stylus will charge wirelessly from the tablet, which is how the stylus is charged on other Samsung devices. The charging method is unconfirmed in this case, but it would be surprising for charging the stylus to change.

galaxy tab s6 2

The S Pen seen in the leaked renderings looks different from the one included with the Galaxy Tab S4, but it should function the same way. The new S Pen is expected to be Bluetooth enabled. The leaked renderings do confirm that the tablet has what appear to be dual cameras on the back. Some rumors suggest one of the sensors is a ToF sensor, but that is unconfirmed.

The main assumption is that the two lenses on the back of the tablet are conventional cameras with one offering a 13MP primary sensor and a 5MP wide-angle sensor on the other. Wired headphones fans won't like that no 3.5mm port is offered. There is no fingerprint sensors seen; some rumors have suggested an in-screen scanner like the Galaxy S10 uses. The launch date is unknown, but we think it might debut along with the Galaxy Note 10 next month in NYC.