Galaxy S9+ Teardowns Reveals Moderate Repairability, Impressive Multi-Camera Mojo

As we discovered last week, Samsung's Galaxy S9+ is the new Android smartphone to beat in the flagship sector. It looks great, has a crisp screen, is fast, and has a camera capable of capturing some awesome slo-mo video

Like clockwork, the folks over at iFixit have torn into the S9+ and revealed all we need to know about its repairability factor. On a scale of 1 - 10, with 10 being the "easiest to repair", the S9+ scores a lowly 4/10. That's because accessing the battery is needlessly difficult, and removing either the display or glass back can easily result in breakage.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Motherboard
Credit: iFixit

In the above shot, the phone's biggest chips span the top part of the board, with the second large chip from the left being Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 SoC. To the left of that is 64GB of Toshiba UFS NAND. Below is a better shot of the board's removal, to give a better impression of just how much is going on in a tiny amount of space:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Motherboard Removal
Credit: iFixit

In this same shot, you can see the opposite side of the motherboard, revealing the phone's dual camera module. You can also see the empty battery compartment, and the many other bits and pieces that line the entire inside. No space goes to waste inside of this device. 

For an alternative look, TechInsights has also taken the phone apart. The company doesn't affix a repair rating like iFixit does, but we probably don't need multiple sources to tell us what's obvious: the S9+ was not made to be repaired.