Next-Gen Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Rumors Tip Big Endurance Gains

galaxy buds
Samsung is gearing up to launch its next-generation of truly wireless earbuds to go supplant the existing Galaxy Buds. The new product is tipped to be called the Galaxy Buds Plus, and today, some new rumors surfaced. Some fans of the Galaxy Bud line might be sad to hear that active noise cancellation reportedly isn't expected on the Plus version.

The Galaxy Buds Plus will instead feature passive noise cancellation, which is the same type of noise cancellation featured on the existing Galaxy Buds. Essentially the passive noise cancellation is what you get from stuffing the earbuds into your ears. With most other high-end true wireless earbuds offering active noise canceling, lacking that feature will be a downside to the Galaxy Buds Plus. Active noise cancellation was rumored as a feature previously.

The other rumored feature that certainly won't be a downside is a significantly larger battery than the existing product. The current Galaxy Buds can run for up to six hours per charge with the battery case good for recharging them up to another six hours. That run time is thanks to a 58 mAh battery. The Galaxy Buds Plus will reportedly have a much larger 85mAh battery that gives run time of 12 hours per charge.

The wireless charge case isn't mentioned, but we would assume it to have a larger battery to be able to recharge the Buds Plus completely, giving 24 hours of possible run time. Samsung is also tipped to have made call quality improvements with the new generation. The official unveiling with all the pertinent specifications is expected to happen at the Samsung Unpacked 2020 event next month alongside the unveiling of the Galaxy S20 line of smartphones.