Gaiser's Gold/Diamond-Splashed PCs Are Only For The Wealthy

Heard of Gaiser high-end PCs? Yeah, neither had we, until we came across the glorious machine shown here. This ultra-luxurious PC is way, way more than just your next small form factor PC. It's an icon, a status symbol and a perfect way to spend upwards of $30,000. Yeah, 30 grand!  Compensating?

The German company produces machines that, internally, aren't all that spectacular. You'll find the traditional array of internal specs (Core 2 Duo, a few gigabytes of RAM, a decent hard drive, etc.), but it's obviously the exterior that sells. Basically, if you can dream it up, these guys can make it happen. We're talking about 24 carat gold, Swarovski crystals and a jet black paint scheme fit for a NASCAR ride.

The choice of precious metals and the exact design can be customized for those with deep enough pockets, with the design09 Tricolor Gold requiring around $32,300, the design07 Tricolor Gold fetching around $26,000 and other models starting as low as $7,820. 

A bit too rich for our blood--what about you?  We'd just pour a few more dollars (like a fraction of the price tag for one of these) into the parts that matter, like a processor, SSD and an entire entertainment center to put a small form factor PC like this in.