G71 Faster than R580?

The rumor mill at The Inquirer is beginning to run at a frantic pace as tidbits of news regarding NVIDIA's 90u flagship GPU begin to make their way around the internet. Fudo reports that NVIDIA's G71 GPU is shaping up to be a very high-frequency part that "should" have no trouble besting ATI's X1900 XTX in the usual group of benchmarks. Obviously, we'll reserve final judgement until we have the cards on our test bench. However, it certainly proves interesting to hear rumors of some G71 samples hitting 800MHz with standard air cooling!

And one more, a very important thing. G71 at 700+ MHz can and will beat R580, Radeon X1900 even the XTX variation. The other issue is, when will Nvidia manage to ship those cards in reasonable quantities? A middle March launch press launch and early April for the real availability sounds like the best shot to us.
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