G70 Cards with 2GB of Memory!

The Inquirer has posted a rather interesting article this morning. The first article illustrates the previously unknown fact that NVIDIA's G70, NV40, and NV45 cores can all support and address up to 2GB of memory. Granted, our testing hasn't shown any immediate need to have even 512MB of memory for today's crop of games. However, with titles based on next-generation engines likely showing up early next year we might begin to see insane amounts of memory showing up on the latest and greatest flagship graphics card.

It transpires that the chap is right as we have confirmed that NV40, NV45 and G70 chips can address up to 2GB or memory. It seems that Nvidia memory controller can handle more than we thought. We reported that R520 memory controller can address 1024MB and thought that was a big deal, but when we asked around, it turns that ATI can support even more than 1GB of graphic memory.
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