Future AMD Sockets Interoperable

There has been a lot of confusion recently concerning upcoming AMD sockets dubbed AM2+ and AM3.  Since AMD hasn’t released anything official, all we really have to go on is speculation.

Current speculation has yet to settle on exactly which CPUs will fit into which sockets, with some people/sites claiming any AMx CPU will work in any AM series socket and with other people/sites saying the exact opposite: AM2+ only in AM2+, AM2 only in AM2 and so on.  There are also many varying rumors in the middle.

Here’s the latest speculation about socket compatibility:
“According to our sources, AMD has understood the error of its ways and future processor sockets will be interoperable, at least in the upgrade scheme of things. Owners of Socket AM2 and AM2+ motherboards should have no problems fitting not just current and future K10 quad-core and dual-core processors known as Agena (Phenom X4 GP-7000), Kuma (Phenom X2 GS/GE-6000) and Rana (Athlon X2 BE/LS-2000), but you will also be able to fit 45nm Deneb/Propus/Regor cores from the future (H2'08) that support both DDR2 and DDR3 memory.

The processors of today will not work with motherboards that feature DDR3 supporting Socket AM3, but the other way around should work like a charm. This was done by keeping identical power requirements for the motherboard makers.”
We’ll keep our fingers crossed that this is the real deal.  Hopefully AMD will launch their new products soon and put an end to all the rumors.
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