Fusion-io Brings All-Flash ioScale To Webscale Customers

Fusion-io's ioDrive line has become an icon in its own right, proving that all-flash storage solutions -- while pricey -- do fit in our world. Now, the company is taking yet another swipe at the market (citing a target of "webscale" customers) with the introduction of ioScale. This unit was previously exclusive to Fusion-io customers outfitting thousands of servers, but  is now available for hyperscale and cloud companies in minimum order quantities of only one hundred units. Each ioScale provides up to 3.2 terabytes of reliable Fusion ioMemory capacity that is performance tuned for the unique needs of webscale environments. With prices starting at $3.89 USD per gigabyte with increasing discounts based on volume, ioScale now makes it practical to architect an all-flash datacenter at scale.

Of course, that's still mighty expensive, but for mission critical enterprise applications, it could very well fit the bill. ioScale provides up to 3.2 TB of capacity on a single half length PCIe slot, with a single controller, enabling a small form factor server to reliably scale to 12.8 TB or more. Hyperscale servers supporting UEFI can boot from Fusion ioScale, further eliminating the need for RAID controllers or disk infrastructure, and as you'd expect, there's the Self-Healing, Wear Management, and Predictive Monitoring capabilities of Fusion ioMemory.

Got an up-and-coming business that's tired of relying on mechanical drives? Break out the checkbook!