This Mod Enables AMD's FSR 3 Frame Generation On Any NVIDIA DLSS 3 Title

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DLSS frame generation lets folks with GeForce RTX 40-series graphics cards enjoy a boost to frame rate in supported games with very little downside. The interpolation is mostly performed by hardware on the GPU that isn't doing anything else, so the only real penalty is a small hit to input latency. You do have to have an Ada-architecture GeForce card to make use of it, though.

No such limitation exists for AMD's very similar FSR 3 frame generation technology. Naturally, immediately after the source release last week, enterprising modders set to work implementing FSR 3 into any game that's already set up for DLSS 3 Frame Generation. The setup process for the mod is pretty straightforward, but to save you some time (and keep people from accusing us of clickbait), we'll stay it straight: it only works on RTX graphics cards at this time.

fsr3 mod archive files
Rather inflammatory naming sense for the mod's files.

In other words, right now, it's basically a mod to extend frame generation support to older GeForce RTX graphics cards by way of using AMD's FSR 3 technology. But why doesn't it at least work on AMD Radeon cards? The answer lies in the way the mod works. Essentially, it's making use of NVIDIA's Streamline framework and fooling it into believing that FSR 3 is actually DLSS 3.

Using a custom shim, the developer (who goes by Nukem9 on Github) is making the game send the data that would normally go to DLSS 3 frame generation to FSR 3 instead. Because Streamline is still in play, it will completely ignore any GeForce GTX GPUs. In theory, it should work on Radeon cards, but it seems that the problem is that games simply won't let you enable DLSS while running on a Radeon. A more invasive mod will be required to enable that support.

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FSR3 isn't supported in many games most people want to play, so this mod is welcome.

We haven't tried the mod ourselves, but the developer says that it has been tested on Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3's next-gen release, and it seems to work reasonably well there. A few people around the web have tried it out on other games, including Alan Wake II and F1 2023, but in both cases it appears to be rather unstable. The latest release of the mod is numbered "0.50" and came out just 17 hours ago, so it's likely that Nukem9 is still working on it. Hopefully we start to see FSR 3 get more official game integrations sooner than later.