Free 15GB Microsoft OneDrive Storage Tier Ends Today, Here’s How To Save It

In November, Microsoft kicked OneDrive users in the gut when it announced that it was neutering its existing OneDrive storage options. Microsoft killed its unlimited storage option, executed the 100GB and 200GB storage tiers (replacing them with a lone 50GB tier) and announced that it would rollback the free 15GB tier to a mere 5GB (even for existing users).

Microsoft blamed its need to make drastic changes to its storage tiers on data hogs that were using up to 75TB of storage on unlimited plans and using their OneDrive accounts to store DVR recordings, entire movie collections, and multiple complete machine backups.

After facing incredible backlash for its drastic actions, Microsoft announced in December that it had perhaps gone a bit too far, writing, “We’ve heard clearly from our Windows and OneDrive fans about the frustration and disappointment we have caused. We realize the announcement came across as blaming customers for using our product. For this, we are truly sorry and would like to apologize to the community.”

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To make amends, Microsoft said that it would allow existing 15GB tier users to keep their storage plus the 15GB camera roll bonus. There’s good news and bad news for this new offer from Microsoft. The good news is that you can still opt-in to keep your 15GB of storage. The bad news is that today, January 31st,  is the last day to do so.

In order to activate the offer and keep your free 15GB OneDrive storage tier (and 15GB camera roll bonus), you’ll need to visit this special OneDrive offer page. Once activated, you’ll be safe from Microsoft’s downsizing spree.

We should also point that out that any OneDrive user that is currently on the free tier and is actually using more than 5GB of storage space will receive one free year of Office 365 Personal, which includes 1TB of storage.