FpsBrain Neural Accelerator for Gamers

This announcement has the makings of a future scandal written all over it.  First it was BALCO.  Then Marion Jones had to give up her gold medals for doping.  And now Barry Bonds is under federal indictment for allegedy using HGH.  Next up, Johnaton "Fatal1ty" Wendel is locked up for cheating for using FpsBrain...

The First Neural Accelerator for Computer Gamers

FpsBrain supports the mental performance of players

No matter if you talk about track and field, cycling or swimming - if there is money involved in athletics, performance improvement is an important matter. Electronic sports is becoming more and more professional. The most evolved e-sports industry in South Korea already guarantees professional players hundreds of thousands of dollars for their work. TOMARNI has up until now been known for the development of state of the art computer systems. Now, TOMARNI, in cooperation with the Free University Berlin, introduces the first neural accelerator for gamers.

Professional players have known for a while that not just a first-rate computer or a team well set up are the key to winning a competition, but also the physical and mental condition of each player. Extensive research has led to the development of FpsBrain, which accelerates neural processes and heightens perception and capacity of reaction. Unlike soft drinks containing caffeine or energy drinks, the capsules do not lead to restlessness or shaky hands but restore constant concentration to the player throughout the game.

FpsBrain has been developed in cooperation with international professional gamers. Especially in competitive sports, where one second missed can decide about winning or losing, FpsBrain provides the critical advantage. To comply with strict regulations, FpsBrain contains only ingredients that have been internationally tested and approved.

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