Foxconn NF4-SLI Review

The gang at HardOCP take a look at Foxconn's latest budget SLI offering called the NF4SK8AA. Offering a decent feature set for a very attractive price, it should be interesting to see if this motherboard makes it onto the list of quality components at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, it seems that you get what you pay for in this case as the team is less than impressed.

I had some SATA RAID problems with this board, which we have seen with numerous other NFORCE 4 motherboards in the past. The simple fact is that we could not install an OS to a SATA RAID array for whatever reason, it just did not work. Using the 6.66 nForce driver set, we would slipstream the drivers and the entire install process would work fine till the system did its last reboot, then the box would repeatedly BSOD. Installing to a single SATA drive was not an issue. I also had some issues with the BIOS defaulting to safe mode every time I rebooted for a while, then it just stopped doing it. I still never figured out what was going on although I spent a day trying to figure out what was forcing the issue.
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