Foxconn China Plant Shut Down After Riot Involving 2,000 Workers

Riots involving thousands of disgruntled workers have erupted at one of Foxconn's plants in China. Foxconn builds and supplies Apple's iPhone devices, including the new iPhone 5, as well as various other electronics for companies like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and other well known companies.

"The plant is closed today for investigation," a Foxconn spokesman told Reuters in a statement.

It's being reported that the plant could stay closed for up to several days. If so, it would come at a time when Apple's newest smartphone is on pace to become the best selling iPhone (and smartphone) of all time. However, strife between workers and management at Foxconn (otherwise known as Hon Hai Precision) are nothing new. Reports of poor working conditions, long hours, and insufficient pay have been circulating for years, and last year saw a rash of employee suicides make headlines at a frightening pace.

Foxconn Factory

This time around, it's being reported that around 2,000 workers were involved in a brawl that, according to Foxconn, started off as simply a personal dispute between a few employees last night. Comments posted to Twitter conflict with Foxconn's statement and suggest that the riot may have actually been instigated by security guards, who are accused of beating workers.