You Too Can Feel The Fortnite Force With Lightsabers, Rey And Fin In Epic's Rise Of Skywalker Update

fortnite starwars

Fortnite fans who missed out on the special "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" event can now catch a look at what the Fortnite X Star Wars gameplay will include. The big draw here is that players get to duke it out with lightsabers in melee combat and shoot enemies with First Order blasters.

The gameplay video seen below shows massive Imperial starships hovering in the sky and TIE fighters zooming around and trying to bring down the Millennium Falcon while the iconic Star Wars music plays in the background. The gameplay footage does show that players will be able to deflect projectiles from the blasters using their lightsabers, as Jedi can do in the film series.

We also see Storm Tropers on the ground as Rey and her allies rush to fight them in an area where a TIE fighter has crashed. We do see Kylo Ren in the video with his unique light saber. As happens with all Fortnite tie ins, there are a bunch of skins and other items to enjoy. For instance, players can get the Rey skin for 1,500 V-bucks. Those who attended the Rise of Skywalker clip screening received the TIE Whisper Glider for free.

Not long ago, update 11.30 for Fortnite landed and brought a bunch of new stuff to the game. It included a Split Screen Battle Royale mode for Duos or Squads. That update also set the stage for the Rise of Skywalker clip screening at Risky Reels yesterday. A slew of bug updates was also part of that patch. In other Fortnite news, Google also recently shot down Epic Games' request for a pass on the 30% Play Store tax.