Where To Find Fortnite Tomato Baskets From A Nearby Farm And More

hero tomato man fortnite
I now know two weird things about tomatoes: they are technically fruits, and there are two Fortnite challenges about tomatoes this week. Since the launch of Fortnite Season 5, new challenges to grab Battlepass XP have been dropping every week. In week 4, players can collect baskets of tomatoes and dance around an on-fire tomato effigy/cauldron to get their XP. As bizarre as it is, we can show you where to go for these challenges and a nifty tool to guide you through all future challenges.

Tomato Baskets

fortnite tomato basket map
This is the least odd challenge this week, which isn’t saying much. In any case, there are three locations northeast of the coliseum where players can grab a basket of tomatoes for 20k Battlepass XP. To find them, check out the map up above or follow my footsteps in the first half of the video below. I ended up going straight for the house location as it was the easiest looking target to me. As a word of warning, the whole area gets busy with players in a hurry, so you will have to be in and out quickly.

Tomato Effigy

fortnite tomato effigy
I completed this challenge in the second half of the video up above, and I am pretty sure I am now part of a tomatoey cult. At least I got my XP, though, and it was fairly easy given that you get there first. Ultimately, it took a couple of tries for me to get it without getting killed, but I do not claim to be a Fortnite expert. Perhaps the southern location may be easier, but it all depends on where the Battle Bus flies and where you can jump out.

Handy Challenges Tool

fortnitegg map
To figure out where all these locations were, I used a handy website called fortnite.gg. This is where I got all my maps from to complete the challenges. Besides the tomato challenges, users can toggle whatever challenges you want on the browser-based map, so you know exactly where to go. Moreover, the site provides YouTube tutorials on how to complete things, making challenges that much easier.

Overall, these are relatively easy challenges that can be completed in roughly two matches if you are lucky and quick enough. Furthermore, it is effortless to follow the map website we discovered, which walks you through the challenges. Though you can get Battlepass XP from Operation Snowdown happening now through January 5th, it never hurt to get a little more XP from other sources to bolster your Battlepass.