How To Find Fortnite Time Trial Locations For Season 10 Week 8

Fortnite Season 10 has been packed with fun and some controversy (**cough** mechs). With Week 8 here, that means there are some new challenges to complete. One of the challenges has players needing to complete a time trial east of Pleasant Park or southwest of Salty Springs. As with most challenges, finding the locations can be the hardest part.

fortnite tt snow
Salty Springs time trial

The maps here show players where to go to find the challenge start locations. Once there, a holographic stopwatch marks the place where you need to get started. The fastest of the two time trials to complete is the one west of Salty Springs. There is a hoverboard near the RV at the location.

fortnite time trial
Time trial located due east of Pleasant Park

Once the time trial is activated, the players only need to use the hoverboard to go and pick up all of the points. If you don't have a hoverboard, the Pleasant Park time trial is shorter and quicker to finish. Players will need to make a few turns to collect all the points in the trial. The video embedded here looks at both time trial locations. Players only need to do one of the time trials to complete the mission.

Players may find things go better if they knock down some trees before starting. Earlier this month Fortnite had players looking for bat statues, giant chairs, and dancing. Leaks also hinted at a Fortnite It: Chapter 2 crossover late last month. Fortnite has a history of doing cool challenges for holidays; something spooky is expected in the coming weeks for Halloween.