Fortnite It: Chapter 2 Leaks Are Delightfully Creepy For The Next Fortnitemares Event

We all float down here. Rumor has it that Fortnite will celebrate Halloween with an It: Chapter Two crossover. Several leaks were posted on Twitter that hint that the crossover is coming soon.

Data miners discovered sound bites labeled “Illinois Laugh” and they sound eerily like laugh of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The data miners also found a file for a “CreepyBalloon”. The floating balloon resembles the balloon that Pennywise uses to lure his victims.

fortnite data mining creepy balloon
Image from FortTory via Twitter

Epic Games appears to have tried to misdirect data miners. The “CreepyBalloon” is light pink instead of the iconic red. The sound bite has been labelled as the “Illinois laugh”. The It universe is set in the fictional town of Derry, Maine and has no relation to the state of Illinois. It is likely that Epic Games was trying to purposely mislead those seeking leaks.

It is unclear how Epic Games plans to use the sound bite and balloon in Fortnite. Some have theorized that Epic Games will introduce a creepy Pennywise outfit or that there will be some sort of Pennywise dance. Many believe that the balloon will be a consumable item. There used to be a consumable balloon in the game, but it has since been removed.
This will be Fortnite’s third Halloween or “Fortnitemare” event. Last year, gamers battled Cube Monsters with new weapons like the Six Shooter and Fiend Hunter Crossbow. Players were also able to pick up new outfits, play new challenges, and enjoy spooky scenery. This would be the first Fortnitemare to have a distinct pop culture theme.

This is not the first Fortnite collaboration, but it may be one of the most mature and frightening crossovers. Fortnite featured a John Wick crossover event this past spring and Stranger Things event earlier this summer. Although John Wick 3 is rated R, It is arguably scarier and perhaps less appropriate for Fortnite’s young player base. Some parents may be upset by Epic Games’ choice. 

Thankfully for Fortnite’s younger players, most collaborations tend to be artificial. Players were able to eliminate bounty hunters in “Wick's Bounty” mode. They could also collect various John Wick-themed items and weapons. It is currently unclear whether there will also be some kind of It: Chapter Two mode, or whether the updates will be purely cosmetic.

It: Chapter Two will be released in theaters on September 6th. Many believe that the Fortnite crossover will also be released that day. Until then, we have the “Illinois Laugh” sound bite to haunt our dreams.